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Quick Smart Shipping Container Homes

Instant Space! $13,000

Special One Bedroom 6 meter Unit 3.4 wide $37,700

One or 2 Bedroom 12 meter Unit $47,700

Great Granny Flat Ideas $29,000

Student accomodation units $13,000

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Shipping container architecture, building container home


  • Usually shipping container conversions come in two sizes: 40 foot x 8 Foot or 20 Foot x 8 Foot solid construction.
  • Ideal for remote Australian conditions. (Mining) Easy commissioning within min.
  • Large roomy internal area fully decked out as home easily transportable or optional wheelbase any large four-wheel drive can trailer fully functional bathroom, optional septic or chemical toilet.
  • Fully functional kitchen, electrical appliances.
  • Microwave oven, toaster and fridge. heating and Cooling Gas or electrical hot water system, optional Solar power for lighting with backup batteries.
  • Large integrated water storage tank (optional) large king single bed or bunk bed, double bed and fold down (optional).
  • Fully functional home office with optional  PC, TV, DVD, and stereo system.
  • Fully insulated for climate control.
  • Double Glazed sliding glass doors opening onto large undercover deck.
  • Timber polished floors and waterproof flooring and walls to wet areas.
  • Cyclone proof.

Shipping container architecture  building container home

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